Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress to suit all of your girls is so important to the overall success of your day. After all, happy bridesmaids are beautiful bridesmaids! With over 100 dresses in store available in over 60 colours, Izzi Stockton Bridal has fabulous range of Bridesmaids Dresses.

We have Adult and Junior Bridesmaids dresses from Tiffanys Bridesmaids, in a choice of either soft chiffon or shimmery taffeta. The different designs provide the Bride’s best friends with dresses that feel both effortlessly stunning and comfortable to wear. All bridesmaids dresses come with optional straps and matching stoles, which give them the flexibility and covers bare arms on those chilly English evenings!
We keep in stock a range of Tiffanys matching junior bridesmaid dresses in sizes age 5 -14, adult sizes from 2-30, and they are all available in over 55 colours.

For those brides who want stress free and comfortable bridesmaids dresses for their girls we have Multiwrap dresses from Eliza & Ethan. They are available in 30 different jersey shades and with over 20 ways of wearing the dress there is a style for each of your besties. Each dress comes with a bandeau top for those that prefer a higher neckline and one dress fits from a size 8-22!